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Sanctified Politics

A Christian friend of mine recently posted a Linkedin article by Julian McCall to Facebook. The article purports to be sharing a letter by Marshall Kamena, the Mayor of Livermore, California. My friend's comment on the post was ambiguous; it wasn’t possible to...

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Spiritual Disciplines: Fasting 2

Why fast? There are several reasons for fasting. Elmer Townes has identified nine types of fasting in his book Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough. What follows is a brief description of each of the nine he identified.   Disciples Fast The purpose of the Disciples...

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Spiritual Disciplines: Fasting

Biblical Case for FastingJesus assumed that His followers would fast. When confronted with the fact that His disciples did not fast, He replied that they didn’t fast because He was present with them, but that after He is taken away from them that His disciples will...

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Spiritual Disciplines: Prayer 2

In my last blog entry, I discussed the difficulties we have in actually setting aside time to pray. Another difficulty that we have in prayer is figuring out what, exactly should we be praying for? What should we be praying for ourselves? Is it selfish to pray for...

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Spiritual Disciplines: Prayer

Roadblocks to Prayer For many of us, prayer is the most difficult aspect of the Christian life. We erect so many barriers to prayer. We think, “I need to get my act together before talking with God,” We think, “I need get all these other things done so I can be free...

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When most of us think about meditation we are likely to think of a Buddhist monk sitting crossed-legged in his bright orange robe and chanting. And that certainly is one form of meditation, though it is not Christian meditation. Sadly, many, if not most, Christians...

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